A downloadable tool for Windows

ASCII Draw is a drawing program where you paint using a limited set of character tiles.


 ! Text tool is not yet implemented despite it having a GUI button


  • Draw bitmap font characters freehand or with a number of shape tools
  • Right click for eyedropper functionality
  • Selection tool: cut, copy, paste, or move selection.
  • Recolouring brush, keep tiles but paint different foreground/background colours
  • Undo and Redo with large history ("infinite")
  • Save, Load as editable .AFF file or Export as .png
  • Resize, crop, clear, and flip canvas or selection
  • Shortcuts for all tools
  • Customizable settings including changing tile set and palette


A more complete feature overview including shortcut commands is included in a ReadMe file.

 Future Development:

Further development is planned but the project has been on hold for a while. I have a lot of other projects but this may see some love again if there is an interest in further features:

Text Objects (write a string of text, keep as a "text object" separate from the canvas data so they are always editable), Grid Manager (toggle and customize a grid overlay), Palette and Tileset Manager (change them on the fly instead of in the settings), Layers, Animation

Published Jul 06, 2017

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and run the executable to begin using  the  program. Give the "Readme.txt" file a read to learn the program shortcuts and file format.


AsciiDraw.zip 359 kB